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General and Custom Maintenance, Installation, Repair and IT Support
*All following Mr. Computer technology solutions are included in our discounted plan options 

Computer Support, Service and Repair

  • Fix broken or nonworking computer components and make sure overall system remains healthy
  • Update software, upgrade hardware and storage capacity when necessary

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    Network Support, Service and Repair

    • Technology solutions to configure or repair your home or business network
    • Restore connection problems and other domain issues

    General Computer and Network Consulting

    • Information Technology solutions and configuration for any existing or potential computer/network interface
      • Mr. Computer can design, implement and troubleshoot any home or office network;  
        • LAN support
        • WAN support
        • WiFi sync
        • printer sync
        • wired or wireless networks

    Hardware/Software Acquisition and Installation

    • Assistance with purchase and installation, update and upgrade of workstations, servers, networks and any related peripherals

    Virus, Malware, Adware or Spyware Eradication

    • Removal of harmful computer bugs and installation / update security solution

    Data Recovery

    • Mr. Computer partners with OnTrack Data Recovery Services. Lost your data? we get it back
    • Need your data cloned? - we can assist
    • Need your data transferred? - we can do that too

    On-call or Scheduled Maintenance

    On-site or Walk-in services

    General Maintenance/Services

    • Mr. Computer will act as a go-between for systems under warranty so you don't need to deal with support personnel.

    • Where physically accessible / viewable, the technician will document the make, model and serial number and/or service tag of system serviced.  This makes future computer/network problems easier to diagnose and WiFi sync easier to fix.

    • The technician will check and document hard disc drive size and free space, installed RAM and average usage, operating system type and revision.  He or she will perform disk checking and defragmentation as necessary and within the limits of the time allotted for service.

    • In multi-user environments, the technician will document general network topology and hardware.

    • The technician will check for (and if necessary, download) and install operating system updates and service packs.   The technician will check for and update firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware software; making the necessary recommendation if no such software is found.  Updates (of any kind) requiring a fee will be performed only if authorized by the client. 

    • Mr. Computer recommends the backup of all servers and critical workstations.  As time permits, the technician will check for a backup method and the most recent backup status. 

    • Mr. Computer will submit a brief summary of worked performed and any hardware / software or maintenance recommendations.