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Server Maintenance

Server Failure Can Occur Without Warning

In many small business environments, the file server / domain controller often goes ignored until a problem occurs.  Tape and disk backups do not always run as scheduled leaving your business data unprotected in the event of a server crash or other loss of data.  Server-based antivirus and other programs may require renewal or other periodic maintenance to keep servers protected.  Critical updates and services packs require installation and a reboot of the system.  Chronic system errors can develop when server maintenance is not performed regularly.

Do you know the status of your networks’ file server or domain controller?  Are you concerned that critical updates are NOT getting installed or that your disk or tape backups are not current?  

Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew that someone was checking your system on a weekly basis?

Mr. Computer now offers the comforting server monitoring service you've been looking for!

How This Works

Mr. Computer will install (at no charge) a secure remote access program.  An IT professional will then access you system once every week (typically on weekends or during non-business hours) and examine the overall server health.  The technician checks for recent data back-ups, available storage space, chronic errors, updates to firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware software then makes necessary changes and recommendations.  Updates (of any kind) requiring a fee will be performed only if authorized by the client.

Typically, everything server maintenance related can be done off-site using this remote access program.  If the service needs to be performed in person, we will contact you and schedule a technician to visit.  Physical visits (if necessary) will be billed at prevailing service rate.

What Exactly Does Server Maintenance Check?

  • Status of domain controller
  • Status of system data backup
  • Status of critical hardware
  • Inspects event logs to see if any chronic errors (hardware or software) have arisen
  • Check for critical updates awaiting installation
  • Checks available disk space
  • Performs disk clean-up and maintenance as is prudent
  • Overall server health

What Does Server Maintenance Cost?

For $18.75 a week (billable in 4 week increments) we will access and inspect every aspect of your server’s health.  Pre-paid (single server) one year subscriptions are available for $825 (a %15 discount) - Additional servers can be monitored for $9.50 / week or $420 with annual payment.  No contract is required,  you can discontinue your server maintenance at any time.

Increased server monitoring solutions like setting parameters for instant notification of chronic problems, file transfer capabilities, printing upstream and more can be obtained for a premium just $75 extra per year.  Contact us for full details.

What About Security?

The remote access software requires authentication to access the client as well as a 2nd authentication to connect to the server.  The connection is encrypted and virtually undetectable.

Mr. Computer’s server monitoring is preventative maintenance at its best.  Don’t let your server health deteriorate in front of you.  Get our server maintenance solution to remain confident that your system will be secure, backed up and up to date.

How Do I Get Started?

If you think server maintenance is right for your servers health or you have questions about details of this service, give us a call at (310) 322-2928.  Monitoring can begin immediately.

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