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Mr. Computer qualifications for Small Businesses plans: 

  • a commercial address 
  • a residential address with more than 2 PC's / users 
  • a server-based network
  • having employees

Mr. Computer recommends the following on-call and pre-paid or subscription service plans to our Small Business clients.  These plans offer the advantage of regular service intervals and reduced cost or, if needed, accelerated response time for business-critical environments.  Perfect for companies who desire IT department help but do not have the budget to employ full time staff - call for questions or consultation regarding the most efficient plan for your IT needs.

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All non-emergency service calls include General Maintenance Services and are concurrent with any specific service objective.


*** Customized rates will be offered to customers who utilize our discounted service plans after initial six months of evaluation (to understand your IT needs).

On-Site Monthly, Weekly or Daily Service Plans

  • Discounted hourly rates based on Standard Appointment Rate, quantity of hours scheduled and frequency of payment (see pricing sheet for options/details)
  • Invoiced annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly 
  • Cost and service hours per visit to be ***customized
  • Ideal for Small Businesses with more than 10 computers and/or more than one server that have a desire for IT presence without the need of hiring full or part-time staff
  • Server monitoring / limited off-site maintenance at no additional fee (call for details).
- Save between 5% - 10% off Standard Appointments
- Save between 10% - 15% off Standard Appointments
- Save between 15% - 20% off Standard Appointments

On-call Four hour Response (Pre-paid)

  • 4 hour guaranteed response time
  • Invoiced annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly
  • Save between 5% and 10% off Standard On-call price
  • Minimum purchase of 4 service hours per month at a discounted hourly rate 
  • Additional service hours billed in 15 minute intervals
  • Unused hours credited to next month's invoice

Standard Appointment

  • Regular service call (Monday - Friday)
  • Typically task-centric – must call or e-mail to set appointment time
  • Standard hourly rate for specific client category, 1 hour minimum - additional time billed in 15-minute intervals

On-call 4 Hour Response

  • A technician will arrive on-site within 4 hours service of request (Monday - Saturday)
  • 1 hour minimum
  • Additional service hours billed in 15-minute intervals

Walk-In Service

  • Available Monday – Friday
  • 8:00 – 10:00AM and 2:30 – 5:00PM, drop-off and pickup hours
  • Recommended for hardware upgrades, virus / malware removal or as a practical alternative when scheduling a residential appointment is not an option.
  • Click here for drop-off location information

Off-site Tech Support

  • Call in and have Mr. Computer talk you through tech problems
  • 1 (310) 322 2928

Server Monitoring

  • Annual or monthly pre-paid server monitoring
    • Mr. Computer will log-in to your server weekly and check for (and if necessary, download) and install operating system updates and service packs. This is ideal for anti virus protection. The technician will check for and update firewall, anti virus or anti-spyware software or make the necessary recommendation if no such software is found.  Updates (of any kind) requiring a fee will be performed only if authorized by the client.  Log-in and updates will take place off-site or on weekends during non-business hours.